Get the most out of your CAHPS data ׀ Reaching the highest level of quality

2021-03-23T14:01:18-04:00September 25, 2019|News|

Simply collecting and reporting patient and caregiver data cannot truly spark performance improvement efforts. To achieve quality peak performance, you really need to dig into your CAHPS data, developing strategies and action items. This allows you to focus on areas that need improvement so you can build solid, patient-centered clinical processes.

3 ways intake can prepare you for PDGM – plus our free PDGM handbook

2021-03-23T14:01:18-04:00September 11, 2019|News|

Stressed about billing and revenue issues after PDGM implementation? All you need to know is that it all starts with intake.The intake process is the start of care, and if done with purpose, can set your organization up for optimum efficiency. Simply put: quality and accuracy up front will be critical in preventing downstream issues with billing and revenue. The key to PDGM preparedness is intake – and these are a few ways you can start transforming your process.

3 big billing mistakes in home health

2021-10-20T16:05:00-04:00August 28, 2019|News|

With PDGM implementation right around the corner, it’s important that agencies understand home health billing basics to reduce errors – as they can cost you a significant amount in penalties and fees. A large portion of these improper payments was likely due to mistakes. Thus, demonstrating a critical need for accurate billing.

Home health billing services

2021-10-20T16:05:00-04:00June 27, 2019|News|

There are many reasons why your agency might choose to work with a home health billing services orhospice billing services company. Perhaps you are looking to improve reimbursements or eliminate highclaim rejections. Maybe managing billing has become just too much work and your internal team isstruggling to handle the workload. Don’t worry, however. You’re not alone!