How to Choose the Right Home Healthcare and Hospice Software Partner

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Your EHR is the central nervous system of your agency. Cumbersome processes, lack of real-time information, and a countless amount of paperwork puts your agency at risk for non-compliance and can impact your cash flow as well as the quality of care you provide. Selecting the right home healthcare software features for your business will enable long-term success by ensuring compliance, streamlining operations, accelerating reimbursement and improving quality of patient care.

Top Medicare Hospice Claim Denials and How to Prevent Them

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In today’s environment, hospice agencies need to collect everything they are owed and they need to do it quickly. By understanding potential red flags and avoiding common mistakes that lead to claim denials, you can easily improve revenue and cash flow. Discover the top reasons for hospice claim denials and how you can avoid them!

Home Health Emergency Preparedness: A Guide to Site Survey Success

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Beginning on November 15, 2017, home health agencies must be prepared to demonstrate compliance with the home health emergency preparedness condition of participation (CoP). When evaluating for compliance with the CoP requirements, surveyors will follow the standard survey protocols during initial, revalidation, recertification, and complaint surveys. CMS’ goal in enforcement of these requirements is to ensure that Medicare certified organizations “better anticipate and plan for needs, rapidly respond as a facility, as well as integrate with local public health and emergency management agencies and healthcare coalitions’ response activities and rapidly recover following the disaster.”

Top Medicare Home Health Claim Denials and How to Prevent Them

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Home health claim denials can cause a number of problems for agencies of any size, with cash flow being the biggest concern. Home health agencies should have plans in place to avoid denials, as well as plans on how to handle them when they occur. By having advance knowledge of the potential red flags that may come up at your agency, you can proactively manage a successful business while at the same time making sure that everything you do is done right.

A guide to home health value-based purchasing

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In recent years, the Medicare home health program has grown quickly, both in cost and the number of patients served. In 2009, 3.3 million Medicare beneficiaries received Medicare home health services, resulting in $18.9 billion in Medicare payments.