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Have You Ever Taken a Moment to Try and List All of the People Your Agency is Accountable to?  Of course, as a home care agency you are accountable to your patients, your employees and any owners of your company. But with just a little thought, your list quickly expands when you start adding your bankers, your state surveyors, your Fiscal Intermediary, any other payers, Recovery Audit Contractors, the HIPAA police, the Red Flags Rules police and on and on.  Each of these entities can ask you to prove your worthiness (accountability) in many different ways, and when they want you to prove your worthiness, you’d better be prepared to do so in a timely manner.

We are entering a new era of additional people we’re accountable to. In my organization, I’m referring to these groups as “Accountability Organizations (AOs).”  Don’t confuse this with “Accountable Care Organizations.”  AOs are much broader than that and you need to think about where they may be in your service area and how you will be prepared for them.  Some of your AOs will come in the form of Accountable Care Organizations (there are now 154 ACOs across the nation….this isn’t a speculative thing anymore), medical homes, hospitals seeking to reduce 30 day readmissions, physician groups, insurance companies managing chronic patient populations, state Medicaid programs seeking to manage patients at lower cost, etc.

HEALTHCAREfirst has been at the forefront of developing tools to make sure you can communicate electronically with these AOs, competitively offer your services to these AOs (reduce your costs with patients of these AOs) and prove your value to these AOs (patient outcomes). For more information, give us a call or visit our website.