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Learn how to get more out of your HHCAHPS program.


Complete HHCAHPS Survey Program

How does your home health agency’s quality of care measure up? With the move toward a value-based purchasing (VBP) model that rewards value, patient outcomes, and patient experiences rather than volume, home health agencies must be prepared. Our industry leading Home Health CAHPS (HHCAHPS) survey program will help you determine how your agency is performing and identify areas on which you can focus to make meaningful improvements.

We offer a complete HHCAHPS survey program that simplifies compliance and delivers valuable insights needed to improve quality and performance. Our rigorous processes and multiple quality assurance checkpoints ensure compliance with CMS requirements so you can rest assured that you’re covered.

By leveraging our comprehensive reports and the largest, most accurate national benchmarks, you can easily monitor and analyze your agency’s performance across quality measures to identify the greatest opportunities for improvement. With extensive drilldown and comparative analysis based upon your agency’s hierarchy – overall client, division, region, location, group, unit, or team – you will uncover key factors influencing performance so you can recognize top performers and emulate their practices to address negative influencers.

Focus on Your Results

We manage and enhance the entire HHCAHPS survey process so you can focus on using your results to improve patient care and operational performance. More home health agencies use us as their HHCAHPS partner than any other vendor because of our incredible combination of value, service, and price

Unmatched Insight

Patient experience measurements alone do not provide enough insight to inspire true performance improvement. Our HHCAHPS survey program combines data with actionable analytics and strategies so you not only meet CMS requirements, but gain the knowledge needed to improve.

Improved Patient Care and Operational Performance

Provide the best quality of care possible by focusing on areas of success and recognizing opportunities for improvement. Applying the insight gained from your HHCAHPS survey data, you can implement a solid infrastructure based on patient-centered care, resulting in better performance and more referrals.

Our HHCAHPS survey program provides more value and service than other vendors – all for a very competitive price.

  • Standard HHCAHPS survey administration with a supplemental question set for enhanced performance improvement
  • Fully transcribed comments and verbatim comment reporting that groups comments by category
  • The largest, most accurate national benchmarks
  • Comprehensive dashboards and reports that help you pinpoint areas of success and opportunities to improve
  • Alert system that notifies you of any negative or serious comments so you can quickly take action
  • Comparative analysis based upon your agency’s hierarchy allowing you to identify top performers as well as areas that may require focused improvement efforts
  • Easy program implementation and ongoing support
  • On staff home health experts to answer questions and provide guidance

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