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Why Our Hospice Software?

As hospice utilization grows, agencies are faced with greater regulatory scrutiny. firstHOSPICE delivers what you need to overcome complex challenges and successfully run every aspect of your agency. Not just home health software tweaked for hospice, firstHOSPICE was built from the ground up for hospice professionals, by hospice professionals, to deliver the industry-leading functionality, automation, and guidance you need to get back to the heart of hospice… providing quality care for patients and their loved ones. In addition, you will receive first class support from a team of responsive, knowledgeable experts.

Everything You Need in One System

Built around your day-to-day needs at the point of care and beyond, firstHOSPICE is designed to improve clinical, financial, operational, and administrative processes across your agency. And it empowers you to focus on what matters most – patient care.

Focus More on Patients & Loved Ones

firstHOSPICE helps make running your agency easier. Our web-based hospice software streamlines all aspects of your agency, reducing administrative burdens and saving you valuable time while still supporting your mission to provide attentive, compassionate care to your patients and their loved ones.

Reduce Compliance Risks

Our reputation for keeping our customers in compliance is unmatched in the industry. Integrated regulatory compliance checks, reviews, and alerts are designed to protect your agency from errors so that you are compliant with Federal and State regulations. As hospice regulations change, our software is updated to help keep you in compliance.

Improve Care Coordination & Communication

firstHOSPICE delivers real-time information to every member of your care team, enabling them to make more informed, better coordinated decisions. With CAREpliance technology, you can easily complete documentation and create customized, detailed care plans with discipline-specific narratives flowing into a single IDT document. Each team member can easily see and contribute to a well-coordinated plan of care, and IDT meetings are a breeze.

Boost Reimbursement & Cash Flow

As reimbursement rules become more complicated and increased examination of hospice operations becomes more common, agencies need a robust revenue cycle management platform that ensures accurate, timely billing. firstHOSPICE simplifies complicated coding and billing processes so you can rest assured that you are being paid the right amount each and every time.

Enhance Employee Satisfaction

With a comprehensive user experience and built-in workflows, everyone loves firstHOSPICE! Your staff will thank you when they discover that they can get more done in less time and eliminate after hours charting!Inefficient and ineffective systems and processes can cost your agency dearly. firstHOSPICE helps you to get more done faster, and with a low monthly subscription fee and no implementation fee or costly hardware to buy, you can realize a return on investment immediately.

Maximize Your Return on Investment

Inefficient and ineffective systems and processes can cost your agency dearly. firstHOSPICE helps you to get more done faster, and with a low monthly subscription fee and no implementation fee or costly hardware to buy, you can realize a return on investment immediately.

Intake & Scheduling

  • Quickly and easily manage referrals, process orders and authorizations, verify patient eligibility, and pair patients with an IDT team.
  • Schedule your team by visit, authorization, and hourly-based scheduling.
  • Ensure scheduling compliance with a variety of alerts and notifications including when staff qualifications do not meet requirements for visit type and/or scheduled visits have not been authorized.
  • Access robust reporting including missing diagnosis codes, pending admissions, non-admitted reasons, overlapping visits, and more!

Clinical Management

  • Comprehensive point-of-care functionality accessible through any operating system on any type of mobile device.
  • CAREpliance™ technology equips every member of the care team with the most thorough, evidence-based guidance available to reinforce decisions, improving quality and care coordination while ensuring compliance with strict documentation requirements.
  • Enjoy complete hospice-specific clinical documentation including nursing, social work, and chaplain assessments, care plans, and visit notes.
  • Electronically schedule and record Medication Administration Records (MAR) to improve your medication administration efficiency, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, and reduce the risk of medication errors.
  • Identify and correct clinical documentation before claim submission with document tracking tools, visit reviews, triggers, and fail safe alerts.
  • Verify visits at the point of care and simplify compliance through an easy to use, real-time exchange of Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) data.
  • Ensure seamless communication between care team members and back office staff with internal, HIPAA-compliant messaging.

Quality Management & Improvement

  • Track and trend performance of symptom management outcomes, HIS data, and NQF measures throughout the course of care.
  • Successfully manage and minimize risk from avoidable events with actionable information such as patient incidents, patient infections and mediation errors with both patient- and agency-level reporting.
  • Perform comparative analysis with national benchmarks and comparisons for clinical processes, quality outcomes and avoidable events/risk management.
  • Drive QAPI with custom selected, industry vetted quality measures focusing on areas important to your organization.
  • Develop Performance Improvement Projects (PIPs) backed by empirical data with dynamic, comparative reporting by region, team, setting of care, timeframe, diagnosis, and/or length of stay.
  • Easily export HIS and Hospice CAHPS files for submission and processing or automate both processes for HIS Submission Services and Hospice CAHPS.

IDT Management

  • Detailed IDT documentation allows you to efficiently conduct more meaningful IDT meetings.
  • Necessary information automatically flows into a single IDT document, delivering a comprehensive view of a patient’s care for a well-coordinated plan of care.
  • IDT Patient Listing report, complete discipline specific notes, clinical trends, medications, and order frequencies are at your fingertips for a comprehensive review and discussion of each patient.
  • All team members can easily access current and historical information and documentation from all disciplines.
  • Care team members can each electronically sign for their disciplines within the software.

Bereavement Management

  • Build and automate custom bereavement plans based on your preferences using risk assessment and frequency of communications criteria.
  • Manage multiple bereaved clients per patient and easily assign individualized plans.
  • Easily batch print bereavement communications and mailing labels with just a few simple clicks.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance with automated tasks and alerts and tracking of activities.

Financial Management

  • Check patient eligibility, electronically batch bill claims, receive and manage remittance advices, and process appeals with firstREV all-payer revenue cycle management platform.
  • NOE Link™ enables users to submit NOE/NOC/NOTR records automatically to DDE and monitor  submissions and acceptances from within firstHOSPICE.
  • Customizable warnings and alerts notify your team of any problematic items that may prevent full reimbursement, allowing you to make corrections before claims submission.
  • Easily export cash, receivables, and adjustment posting advice data for general ledger accounting.
  • Complete suite of financial analytics and reporting including aging, reconciliation, payments and adjustments enable you to have a complete view of your financial status so you can make timely and profitable business decisions.

Agency Management

  • Gain actionable insight into operations including incoming referrals, clinical performance and productivity, compliance, financial health, and personnel management.
  • Collect and export pre-tax, pre-deduction pay amounts for your employees from firstHOSPICE into your payroll software, eliminating manual steps used to generate payroll each pay cycle.
  • Easily manage and report personnel information including background checks, availability, evaluations, productivity, driver’s license expiration, auto inspections, liability insurance, professional license and certifications, professional liability insurance, and vaccinations.
  • Multiple interfaces promote interoperability and efficiency, so you can ensure that your agency runs smoothly without additional work.
  • Seamless integration with firstHOMECARE, our home health software, with a single sign-on.

Customer Support, Service & Education

  • Our proven approach to implementation positions your hospice for success right out of the gate and beyond. No one manages implementation better than us!
  • firstHOSPICE is backed by world class, multi-channel customer support accessible by email, online chat, and 24/7/365 telephone assistance.
  • Large library of online learning videos, regular calendar of free webinars, and other online training opportunities ensure that your team is up to date on the latest regulations, best practices, and software enhancements.

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