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Adhering to strict clinical documentation requirements can get in the way of focusing on patients and delivering quality care. Fully integrated with firstHOMECARE, our innovative home health care planning technology, CAREpliance™, guides clinicians through documentation requirements at the point of care to ensure compliance while simplifying the process and allowing for more time focused on patients.

What is it?

CAREpliance™ technology is a thoughtfully designed clinical workflow that follows standard patient care processes, directing focus on patients and not documentation. Clinicians are equipped with the most thorough, evidence-based guidance available to reinforce sound decisions at the point of care. When problems are identified in the assessment, the system suggests interventions and goals, allowing the clinician to customize the care plan and build a story for the patient, something surveyors are looking for in site audits. The result is comprehensive care with the very best possible outcomes and consistent clinical documentation that ensures compliance minimizing risks of audits, denials, and takebacks.

Administrators Love It!

Bring everyone together under one home health care planning system, facilitating faster workflows and better care coordination while accelerating reimbursement, meeting compliance requirements, and minimizing risk.

  • Site surveys are a breeze with easily accessible, organized, and logical patient histories showing current problems, interventions, and goals that tell each patient’s unique story.
  • Mitigate compliance risks in a time of increased scrutiny and ensure cleaner claims and faster payments with strong, consistent, and compliant clinical documentation.
  • Improve outcomes for patients more quickly, increasing the capacity to see more patients without adding additional staff, improving scores on Home Health Compare, and strengthening referral source relationships.
  • Improve efficiency by spending less time on QA and improving care coordination with clear, logical, organized documentation.
  • Invest in staff education and successful care delivery by equipping them with evidence based, peer reviewed content that comes directly from Tina Marrelli’s The Handbook of Home Health Standards.

Clinicians Love It!

Focus more time on patients and experience better work/life balance by alleviating documentation headaches and charting after hours.

  • Enhance care coordination and improve efficiency with an orderly and concise chart.
  • Quickly understand a patient’s current status and know exactly what to do at each visit.
  • Be more thorough and confident with evidence based, peer reviewed content and system automated problems, goals, and interventions at the point of care.
  • Naturally direct attention to patients and achieve better outcomes with smarter workflow design, creating satisfied and happy patients.

Patients Love It!

Patients stay informed and are proactively engaged in their health and well-being throughout the course of care, experiencing better outcomes and higher satisfaction.

  • Experience better outcomes and greater satisfaction from a seamless, more complete care experience as a result of staff access to organized care plans that outline exactly what needs to occur at each visit.

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